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Monday, August 29, 2005

I'm buried in Peace Fleece!!!

First off, I can't believe how fast that order came in!! Placed the wholesale order on Monday night, and it arrived on Wednesday! Talk about super fast shipping! DH and I worked on winding some of it last night -- that was an adventure. Just when he finished helping me out of a knotted mess (avoiding some frustrated words), he got into one himself. ha ha But, we got two skeins wound -- enough to start a pair of LTK felted mocs. Everyone in the family is getting those for Christmas this year, and I need to be sure that I get them done.... Its probably not good to have so many projects in the works, but I do.

1) Scarf (Christmas present) residing in the car for knitting while riding.
2) Mocs (Christmas present) - started an adult men's pair last night.
3) Longies (LTK - for my son) - I'm stalling on this one -- have to kitchener the crotch and then start the legs, but I'm nervous about the double pointed needles.
4) Baby Gnome (baby gift) - using some leftover yarn from my kids longies for this... Love how its knitting up, but I'm trying to focus on the mocs right now -- at least this one pair.

Its hard to keep up!! I've got a ton of friends having babies, and I'm trying to knit for all of them -- gnomes for the girls and woolie balls for the boys and older siblings... ugh... Good thing those knit up fast -- I can make a wool ball in an hour, if I can sit and do it without interruption.

Plus, I have yarn here waiting to be knit into LTK halter tops for my daughter and me, an off-the-shoulder sweater for SIL (maybe), LTK apron tops for my daughter -- and I'd like to use some leftover yarn for doll shirts and soakers, too. Not to mention the flirty-skirty, the picky pants, and other LKT patterns I'm planning to make. Oh, and I bought that Paton's Merino for the Aubrey Doodlepants patterns... UGH!!! Too much running through this new knitterly mind!!!

Must take a break from this for my show!! :)


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