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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Time flies!

Well, the holidays have come and gone. I didn't get nearly as much knitting done as I hoped I would... and I still haven't gotten much better at keeping up with this blog. I really should try harder -- I think its good for me to "let things out" and "think out loud"...

I had originally planned to knit Christmas gifts for everyone in my family, and in Don's family, but that didn't exactly happen as planned. I got a scarf knit for my littlest sister, and a hat started for my other little sister... Was going to knit a hat for my brother, but he bought one and said not to worry about it. I'll knit him something next year... hm... maybe a tie -- he has to wear ties most of the time at school... and there was that pattern in the latest Interview Knits... why didn't I think of that before!!! :)

anyways... back on track... um, well, I knit slippers for both of my parents -- felted mocs for my Dad and stripey slippers for my mom (Little Turtle Knits patterns). Haven't gotten anything done for the in-law's yet, though. I think I'll just get gift cards (we're getting kinda past the holiday season now) for most of them, but still knit a hat for my brother in law -- he's in the air force. :)

I made an easy peasy sweater for Em, and have one almost done for J, but ran out of yarn. Have a solution in mind, but waiting on the yarn to arrive... At any rate, that's as far as I got with personal knitting before I had to start with business knitting again. have whipped out two pairs of small pants, and half of a large pair in the last week... must catch up and hopefully even get ahead -- I have a list of things that I really really want to make for the kids.


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