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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Day two is always the hardest...

ugh... after a very productive day yesterday, I'm having a hard time "getting going" today... I'm trying to stick to the Motivated Moms schedule, and I've only managed to check off one or two things this morning -- by this point yesterday, I had more than half the list done... I just have no energy.

I really need to accomplish something, though, so that I can sit down and knit during my hour of TV after lunch. If I sit down right now, I'll feel a tad guilty. Yes, the knitting is my job now, but taking care of this house is also my job, right? MUST stay motivated!!!

I think I'm in denial over all the things I have to knit in the next few weeks. It doesn't help that the only actual store order is waiting for yarn, but I have other things to finish up -- mocs for a friend, and the rest of my trade with another friend. Then all the things I commited to for the charity auctions... oh yes, the charity auctions. I keep thinking they are so far away, but really, they aren't. I have to knit several things for them, too. I may sit down and do the keychain today, since that shouldn't take too long. And that will be one set complete. But then, I have to finish a nearly done pair of pants, make a newborn soaker, and make a large pair of shorts. And heavens, I hope that I'm not forgetting anything!!!

Must stay off this computer -- it sucks me in... ha ha!


Blogger Shayla said...

Hey Meridith! I promise I'm not stalking you! LOL

2:18 AM  

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