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Friday, January 20, 2006

A New Look!

Yeah!! My blog matches our store now. Thank you soo much to Marnie of Cushie Designs*. She does AMAZINGLY FAST work.

Well, I'm sitting at the computer in the living room. Barney is on the TV (insert eye roll here). There are books all over the floor -- my son seems to think they belong there rather than on the shelf. Little People zoo animals are mingling with Noah's Ark. Little girl is practicing her standing at the couch, looking at a book. And big boy is wandering from one room to the next with his little foam basketball. I have a pile of diapers to put away, and knitting spread out over my "knitting chair." Typical morning before nap time...

I have almost all of my knitting done for the charity events. Working on my last item. Took a small break from that this morning to finish up the first of Emma's stripey slippers -- she has one now, so hopefully that will push me to finish the second one! They match her easy peasy sweater, and the one completed slipper fits nicely.

Okay -- so I'm going to try to add a picture. Okay -- so I guess that puts the pictures at the beginning of the blog entry! ha ha I'll have to work on that. Anyways -- those pictures are a custom order that is no more! hee hee The customer wasn't in love with the pooling, so I have something to stock this weekend! :) They are a size small capri with a picot hem made of wonderful BFL from Wooly Wonders by Nada. I'm in LOVE with them, and very sad that they will not fit little girl. Though she's tiny, she needs a medium.

I'm planning to enter the Knitting Olympics -- but haven't decided on a project yet. I've got a about six possibilities, but cannot decide. When I do, I'll list my progress here, and then whoever decides to check on me can encourage me along the way! :) I'll be sure to post pictures of my progress, too.

Little girl is tired of standing...


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