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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

This is so easy now!

I just love how easy it is to import photos from Picasa! I was doing it with Photobucket before, and really having troubles. This is just sooo much easier. I may actually get around to blogging more now! LOL!!

So, things are going pretty well -- I'm feeling the crunch of the holidays, though. I have a couple of lists going now -- things to finish by the end of October, and things to finish by the end of November. This is, of course, all store related -- so it says NOTHING for what I'm trying to get done for the baby and Christmas gifts. But we'll do what we can. Little ones around the house don't always have the same goals in a day that I do.

So, on to the important things! The knitting! Most of these today are in progress -- and they are my October list -- with one exception, which I'll discuss when I get to it. ;) First up is a pair of small picky pants. I started these on Monday, I believe They are knit from 2 ply targhee in Mosaic Moon's "Mossy Glen." Lovely stuff! The colors are very nice -- I could totally see my son in pants knit from this -- alas, they are for a customer. I hope she likes them! Next up, is my BIG October order. And this isn't even all of it! I have one more hat to knit: an Earwarmer to be knit with "Murphy" Peregrine Merino from Irish Baby Knits. That will be started as soon as I finish the small pants. But here, you can see two pairs of medium picky pants -- with a LOOOOONG inseam. That's 12", people. Oh, and to ensure no problems with color differences between skeins, I alternated skeins every couple inches on the legs. You do NOT want to see the inside of these pants. I'm weaving the ends in spurts -- I've done one leg of the pants on the left. Its a very big job. I think I'll just carry the yarn down the next time, rather than cut every skein change. ANYWAYS... on the far left, there is a Lucy hat knit from "Mohagany Rose" (Mosaic Moon) targhee, then the pants knit from "Elowen" (also Mosaic Moon) targhee, and then the pants and hat knit from "Wunderland" (Dashing Dachs) targhee. I love how they came out. Absolutely and positively love them. And honestly, switching skeins in the legs made the long inseams go soooo much faster! Still have to block the hats, seam and weave ends on the pants, as well as put the elastic in the waistbands.
These I just finished last night. Cascade 220 in brown and pink. Started them on Saturday, I think? They are just about dry and will be shipped to the customer tomorrow. Size medium with 8" inseam, drawstring waist, and seed stitch cuffs. I like how they came out -- simple, yet pretty. Will match with many things.
And finally -- the very first thing that I knit for the new baby! Yep, these I get to keep! Size newborn picky pants knit from "Mocha Java" BlueMerino from Cinnamon*Stitches. If you've never tried this yarn, you MUST! Its soooo soft! I just love it. The colorway totally reminds me of s'mores -- I was hungry the entire time I was knitting them. Made them in one day. Was very proud of myself. :)
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow wow wow!

you are so productive!!!!!

send over some of that vibe to me please!

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