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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Great times, great yarn...

Saturday morning was dull and boring. I was home with the kids while my dear husband was at work. No matter -- I had plans for the afternoon. I was going to get away for some "ME time." My DH knew this... and got home exactly one half hour before I had to BE at my "plans." And I had not showered. *sigh* So the choices were: a) shower and show up late; b) don't shower and get there on time, but so stinky that no one would sit by me; or c) don't go at all. Well, considering I was going to WEBS to see Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, choice C was NOT an option, and I highly doubted she'd sign my book if I went with choice B. So, shower and get there late it was. I left the house five minutes before 2pm, and showed up at the Clarion hotel at about 2:15. Thankfully, I hadn't missed a whole lot -- I think Stephanie was just starting her talk (of course, I missed whatever intro there was).

Can we say "hilarious"? The woman is funny in her books, and so much more funny in person. I sat and laughed and knit (I was working on this camisole from DB Cathay). And she brought her Olympic sweater. GASP. She showed us the front, the back, and THE INSIDE!!! I've never seen a more perfect sweater (my camisole hid back in the bag when Stephanie's sweater came out). I've seen expensive store-bought machine-made sweaters that were NOT that perfect inside. I was in awe. I felt unworthy to be in her presence. I totally felt like a knitter compared to that Knitter. Wow.

One good thing about getting there late was that I was sitting towards the back and managed to get out of there and back to WEBS very quickly. In fact, I got to the store at the same time that Stephanie did. Browsed for a couple minutes, and then got in the book signing line. I think I only had to wait five or so minutes for my turn. In an attempt to spare her poor hand, I only had one of my three books signed -- my favorite Yarn Harlot. If you haven't read it -- get it and read it. I laughed. I cried. I read it aloud to non-knitters. Great book. Just awesome. Anyways, after I got my book signed, it was time to shop. Everything I bought was on sale, because WEBS is just amazing and is having a totally fabulous anniversary sale. I got some pima cotton/silk for a bonnet for Emma, some Cascade 220 for the store, and a bag of Jo Sharp dk wool for some knitted toys. It was a great day.

And yesterday -- wow! What a yarny mail day! All this lovely yarn arrived at my door:
2 skeins of "Tin Whistle" targhee from Dashing Dachs
2 skeins of "Reilly", 3 skeins of "Keane", 1 skein of "Grady" and 1 skein of "Murphy" -- all peregrine merino from Irish Baby Knits. I can't wait to start knitting! And you know what? ALL that yarn is for MY KIDS!!!!

Of course, still working on orders. Finished up (almost) a pair of medium shorts for a customer, and a pair of Devon's booties for another customer. Got a mocs order shipped off yesterday. I'm feeling quite accomplished. If only my To Do list wasn't taller than my two year old.


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