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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I'm a slacker...

(blogger doesn't like me again today -- having trouble getting the pictures uploaded -- will keep working on them, so stay tuned!)

Someone gave me a nudge today to update the blog. I didn't realize I had people checking in regularly! I'm totally slacking. Its awful. I did have several weeks of productive knitting, and now I'm back in a slump. Must see what can be done about that.

Did get a few pictures of some things, though. I'm working on my picture-taking -- hoping to get some better pictures for the store. I have one pair of small pants that I knit up that are absolutely gorgeous -- and have just been SITTING instock. The pictures don't do them justice, so perhaps that's the problem. Anyways, I'm working on them. I'll post a couple pictures of that pair. They are small picky pants made from "Ronan" Lindon Merino from Irish Baby Knits -- the most HEAVENLY yarn! Feels soft and sturdy and almost velvety! Its amazing. And honestly, the "Ronan" colorway is PERFECT for the yarn -- rich royal colors. They seriously are well paired. I will be getting more of this yarn in this colorway. Just scrumptious!

I took a break from my current project last week on Thursday and knit up a newborn hybrid rib soaker for a very good friend of mine that is expecting her FIRST SON!!! I used BFL from Wooly Wonders by Nada -- the "Big Blue" BFL in the "Blue Camo" colorway. I LOVE it! I'm soooo hoping this little squirt is a boy so that I can make another soaker to keep! I've got plenty of yarn leftover, that's for sure!

Lets see, what else have I done since my last blogging -- well... I had a two week period of time where I knit four pairs of pants and a soaker. I felt like I was on auto-knit! LOL The "Ronan" pair was one. There was also the "Sea Dragon" organic BFL (from Mosaic Moon) pair -- these sold in the store last week. I did a ribbed roll cuff on them, and I think its one of my new favorites! I love how it looks.

Also in that two week time was a medium hybrid rib in "Carmel Apple" targhee by Dashing Dachs, a medium pair of pants from "Pale Iris" BBR and a small pair of pants from "Chai Latte" FBF (Mosaic Moon again). Don't have pictures taken of those as I still have to do the finishing work on them -- just the crotch seam and the end weaving. I did a ruffle cuff on the Pale Iris pair, and I'm not 100% positive that I like it -- may rip it back and do something else. Going for girly, though. I'm open to suggestions!

In other knitting news -- I joined The Knitting Guild Association and signed up for their Master Hand Knitter certification program. There are three levels, and I just received my Level I packet yesterday -- so you may be reading about my progress in that over the next several months -- once I get through the rest of my custom order list!


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