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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Goldfish, and more Goldfish!

If you've been in the cloth diapering/knit soakers world at all recently, you'd know that Goldfish are hot right now. Hillary from Dashing Dachs has an uber-popular colorway, called "Goldfish." Getting your hands on this color yarn is something of a miracle. She sells out immediately every time its listed. And with good reason! Its absolutely gorgeous!

I was fortunate enough to secure a "My Yarn, Your Dye" opportunity with Hillary. FINALLY, I was going to get some Goldfish! I had a skein of natural Blackberry Ridge Merino just waiting to be beautified. (Hillary also dyed up some targhee and LTK 2ply for me in her gorgeous "Levi Rabbit" colorway). The yarn arrived, and was simply stunning in the skein. I put it away, just waiting for the right time to use it.

Then it happened -- as I'm sure it does with most WAHM's -- I needed some cash. LOL. So, I listed a semi-custom slot with my prized Goldfish yarn. And wouldn't you know -- it sold immediately! But, the problem was, it DOUBLE sold! ACK!!! Many emails later, I managed to secure some more yarn from Hillary in the Goldfish (BFL this time). A near tragedy averted! (hee hee)

So, here they are -- the products of the alusive Goldfish yarn!! First up, a pair of large shorties in the BBR yarn. Short rows for the body shaping, and a garter stitch cuff:

Next, a pair of medium shorties in the BFL. Backside increases for the body shaping (the short rows were causing some really funky pooling), and a rolled hem.

How's that for one week's work?
Also working on a 6mos easy peasy sweater in a lovely natural colored Blue Sky Organic Cotton. Hoping to have pictures of that by midweek next week. Its soooo close to done!!!


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