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Monday, April 02, 2007

Lovely Yarn Mail Day!!!

Isn't that just GORGEOUS!!! I was SOO thrilled to open my packages today -- it has been too long since I've had some lovely stuff come for me. :) The two sock yarns are from the Loopy Ewe -- I literally ordered Friday or Saturday -- can't remember which. It got here SOOO fast! My first Schaeffer yarns, though! A skein of Lola in "Pumpkin Spice" (already wound up for a pair of socks for ME!), and a skein of Anne in "Rennaissance." I would have wound the Anne first, but I have to find just the right pattern for that lovely yarn. Absolutely Gorgeous! And the chocolate loveliness you see in the center? That's Henry's Attic Texas (wool/mohair) from Knitting Notions in "Walnut." It is destined to become the Highland Triangle shawl from Folk Shawls.

Next we have my Mystery Shawl - such as it is. This is clue #1, and about 15 rows of clue #2. I'm using Classic Merino laceweight from Knitting Notions, in "Cornflower" -- and right now, I'm using my Knit Picks options in size 3 (24"). Love it so far!

And just to show another of my personal projects that is on the needles (but sadly neglected at the moment), here's the clapotis for my sister.

Thats it for now! Baby is calling me! :)


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