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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Knitting Olympics, here I come!

I'm in -- and officially insane, I think! I decided that I'm going to be knitting this Kimono Sweater for myself. I've lost my mind, I know. Its going to be a HUGE challenge. Not necessarily the doing if it -- but the deadline of it! I've done cabling before, and I love doing it. But adult sweater, thin yarn (though heavenly -- its KnitPicks Elegance!), TONS of cables, two kids ages 2 and 10.5 months, 12 piano students, and 16 days...

My husband won't mind taking those 16 days off of work, right? Okay, so that's not happening. Not enough PTO in his year. Hm.... maybe see if my kid sis will come over after school every day to watch the kids??? Doubt she'd be interested in that... but maybe one or two days... Cancel piano lessons? Nah, need the moolah.... Give up sleep? hm... that one is promising...

Must stop dooming myself before I start. I CAN do this, right? I WANT to do this. I MUST do this!!!!! I do think I'm going to hit WEBS and buy another set of needles, though. This is a project for Addis... I've got them in 40", but I don't want to waste any precious time with Magic Looping (I'm not all that quick with it yet...) So, I'll be getting a 24" US5 circular for this... I have a Susan Bates set, but the points hurt my fingers... no sore fingers allowed in this challenge!

Okay -- so that's my Olympic challenge... now, I have to finish up my orders! Nearly done with the last charity pair of shorts. Then must do the mocs order. Then the custom pants (when the yarn gets here) -- won't take long, they are smalls. Then finish a kids sweater (though that could wait until after the Olympics...)...

What the heck am I still doing on this computer? Get knitting, girl!!!


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