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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

How does one score some Yarn Pirate sock yarn?

Well, have an infant that wants to nurse at 1:30am - a mere hour and a half after the yarn is stocked! Because if you wait until morning -- its all sold out!!

I'm so excited that I was able to buy a skein of Yarn Pirate from my favorite sock yarn shop, The Loopy Ewe -- I will post a picture when it comes in. Its the "Deep Cove" color. And I'm just in AWE at how quickly Sheri sold out of the Yarn Pirate! It would be interesting to know just how many skeins of that yarn she had to begin with! Less than 8 hours, and completely sold out! Insane!

Some recent knits: Socks for my daughter using my leftover Lola "Pumpkin Spice"...

Some pants for a customer - from "Jacob's Ladder" 2ply targhee dyed by Mosaic Moon Yarn Store...

And just cuz she's cute -- my DD! I didn't make the top -- it was knit by Theresa of Little Turtle Knits...


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