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Friday, June 22, 2007

I'd rather be knitting.... SOCKS!!!

So I've been knitting away on orders lately, and enjoying the yarns I'm working with. But I must admit that I've been daydreaming while knitting. Daydreaming about ..... socks. Sock yarns, sock patterns, knitting socks, even double-pointed needles! I need more hours in the day - either that, or I need to learn to knit faster -- or grow a few more arms so I can knit my orders and socks at the same time!

I participated in a Sock Swap this month, and received some drool-worthy yarn that I'm just ITCHING to dig my dpn's into! It is Claudia Hand Painted from The Loopy Ewe - in the "Peppermint Mocha" colorway (exclusive to TLE!!) I'd been eyeing that yarn for weeks, and my swap partner was SOO sweet to buy it for me! I also got some dpn's, some lotion, some needle tip covers, a pattern, and some BR coupons in the package. But the yarn... well, you can see for yourself...
Is that not gorgeous?

My Yarn Pirate arrived -- and I didn't care for it as much in person as I thought. It was more muted -- not as bright as it looked on the computer. Of course, that could be because I was looking at it through sleep-glazed eyes at 1:30a.m. LOL!! At any rate, I was able to trade the "Deep Cove" (that I'd been less enthusiastic over) for another skein of Yarn Pirate in the "Isobel" colorway -- Gorgeous!! Its bright and fun -- the picture doesn't do the colors justice...

Another yarn that I'm just aching to dig into.

And then, a week or so ago, I was reading on the Knitty Coffeeshop forums, and read about an online shop I hadn't heard about - The Sweet Sheep. Its home is in Canada, but there are some amazing yarns there. One totally cool thing they have is a "Mystery Dyer" -- I believe this is changed up often, but it is yarn you buy totally sight unseen. Until it is in your hands, you have NO CLUE what kind of sock yarn it is, or who dyed it. The element of surprise was enough to rope me in. Besides, its sock yarn... how can you go wrong with sock yarn? At any rate, my package arrived this morning -- we were stopping home quickly before heading out for some errands, but I grabbed the package and opened it in the car. The yarn was nicely wrapped in pink tissue paper -- and when I ripped it open...

WOW!! The first words out of my mouth were "Wow, that's bright!" (again, the picture doesn't do it justice). Lovely Perchance to Knit sock yarn in the "Spring Bouquet" colorway -- and I'm in love! Its bright and cheery, and I can't wait to knit it into some socks for me and my 2-yr-old daughter! And the cool thing -- I've been wanting to try PK yarn for some time now -- just waiting for paypal. Each skein comes with a matching stitch marker, which is such a nice touch! The yarn is super soft and just feels cushy and cuddly.

But for now, I must continue with orders. A super cute blanket in pinks and yellow, and some picky pants and hats for fall. I'm enjoying the knitting time, of course, but I long for the time when I can pull out the dpn's and start some socks... of course, then there is the hardest question of all:

Which sock yarn do I knit up first?


Blogger Melinda said...

Oh, those are yummy! I love the last one, it reminds me of Spumoni.

5:25 PM  

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