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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dare I even think it???

Dare I even let the thought cross my mind? Might I actually FINISH?

#9 - Emma's hat (yes, I know, out of order again -- I have to keep myself interested!). Zen String's Nirvana Bulky in "Parfait" knit up in LTK's Rushty! pattern. I almost scratched my eyes out making this hat -- because I did the entire thing on 8" size 11 dpn's. ARG -- never again!!! I got my shipping notice today from Knit Picks -- my 16" circs are on their way. Other than the needle issue, the yarn was lovely, the pattern is great -- a super quick knit! The hat took me just a couple hours.

#2 - Amanda's pants. These were a trade, with yarn sent by her. Lovely to knit with! The pair on the left is BBR, and the pair on the right is Zen String Sutra.

A close-up of the ruffle cuff on the BBR pair -- two rounds of seed stitch, then an increase round. Then stockinette for 5 rounds, a double crochet bind off, and a crochet edging.

Not on the list, but I managed to get a good picture of all three!!! Merry Christmas to me!


Anonymous Dar said...

You are the most awesome knitter of fine knit things i know!! Keep plugging away at your list and before you know it it will be Christmas and you can sit back and relax...or not! :o)

1:56 PM  

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