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Monday, December 24, 2007

I gave up...

I finished one turtle today (# 8) -- it was going to be a "gag" type gift for a friend, and I was going to make another turtle for another friend (#7) ... but if I have to knit ONE MORE turtle leg/head, I'm going to throw something!!! ha ha! And considering that I use double-pointed needles to knit these, I think its safer to just give up. The first turtle is now going to be my youngest's turtle -- a birthday present. It's finished, and I am not even going to rip out the one and a half legs I had started on the second turtle -- I'm just rescuing my needles from them and tossing them into a back corner of my yarn storage. Sorry no pictures yet -- I wrapped the turtle for baby boy's birthday already.

Item #5 is just NOT turning out like I had hoped -- its a primitive angel (free pattern on the LTK website). I used KP merino style, and I should have used peace fleece -- the merino is just too sproingy. The angel is refusing to stand up correctly. This was to be a gift for the family we are having Christmas dinner with. It will now be stuffed and the bottom sewn shut and given to my daughter (probably for her birthday in March).

Item #4 is the pair of Heart socks I started forever ago for my sister. And guess what, folks -- they are DONE! that's right -- after months of having one sock done and a couple weeks of being to the heel flap of the second sock, I finished the thing in a day. Pictures coming later.

So, I've got ONE thing left on my list, instead of four. Baby boy's blanket (#10) -- which, ladies and gents, is very VERY close to being done. I am handsewing the binding to the backside of the blanket edge (the front was machine sewed down). I am halfway finished, and then just have to get some embroidery floss to put ties in for the quilting. Then a quick trip through the washer/dryer. Ahhhh....

So, its not what I'd planned -- but instead of stressing about knitting Christmas gifts, I was able to go away with my darling husband this weekend for our fifth anniversary. We had a marvelously relaxing time, and I'm so glad we were able to get away. Today I will finish baby boy's blanket (and yes, he's still a baby, even though he'll be a whole year old tomorrow), and do some baking. We'll open Christmas gifts with the children tonight after supper, and tomorrow have a great day of relaxing and celebrating (both Christmas and baby's birthday!) with friends.

p.s. Baby boy is just going to love his turtle to bits and pieces. :D


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