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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

well, very unproductive today...

... and I even had helpers over here today. *insert eyeroll* I stupidly used nap time for computer instead of knitting... and well, sisters visiting right now is just not going as planned...

So, drive-by post, I guess. Must order pizza for supper, and little sis was bugging me about when I was going to do it and I snapped and well... I'm trying to blog here!!! I hate that every time I TRY to do something, people start bugging me to do something else. Like Sunday mornings -- we are ALWAYS late on Sundays... late for choir -- pushing late for church. It irks me because I used to always be EARLY before marrying and having kids. Anyways, when my other half finally gets out of bed, and I sit at the computer to drink my coffee while checking email, he says "are you going to get in the shower?" Can I PLEASE drink my coffee? Doesn't the man understand that a woman NEEDS her COFFEE in the morning!! And in PEACE!! ugh...

So yes, I get touchy when I'm trying to get something done that is important to me, and others don't respect that and start bugging me about other things... Can I PLEASE just have these few moments to do MY thing? Without having to worry about supper or shower or kids? I promise I'll be back to my stressed-out, rushing-around, picking-up-after-the-kids self as soon as I'm done blogging, checking posts, or reading emails. Thank you.


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