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Friday, January 27, 2006

lotsa pictures!!!

Thought I'd post a picture of my knitting spot. This is my corner of the living room, and it nearly ALWAYS looks like this. (notice the coffee mug on the right, as well as the ball winder. In the bag on the shelf under the mug is my swift). The little table to the left is covered with leftover yarns, and the bits of scrap yarn being save for use as yarn holders. The notebook on the left side arm is fill with Little Turtle Knits patterns. There is a bag on the floor that has two more binders of non-LTK patterns. You can see the book there -- haven't started that one yet, but the next time I'm working on a soaker or something in the round, I'll start reading it. The work-in-progress is a pair of adult sized Felted Mocs in "Rosewood" thick and thin merino from Wooly Wonders by Nada. Gorgeous stuff!!

Here's a close up of some unfelted Felted Mocs for a trade I'm doing. Front row is a cabled cap (okay, so that's not mocs) and matching mocs in size infant using "Naohm" single-ply merino from Irish Baby Knits -- oh so soft! Back row, starting from the left, Toddler mocs in "Christmas Blocks" 2ply LTK farm yarn, and Toddler mocs and Grade School mocs in "Mara" single-ply merino from IBK. Second picture is a partially felted pair of Preschool sized mocs in "Melissa" 2ply LTK farm yarn. I'm wasn't crazy about making the mocs previously, but after making all of these in the past week and a half, I'm starting to enjoy the pattern more. Of course, I may need to be reminded of that now that I'm working on an adult pair, which always takes lots longer...

And last picture for today is an almost complete pair of shorts for the upcoming FFA charity event. These are a size large shorts made from LTK 2ply farm yarn in "Christmas Blocks." Notice the difference in the body and the legs? Well, this is made from two skeins. Though dyed together, one skein had wider strips of yellow than the other, so I used one skein for the body and one for the legs. I decided that would be better than having just one leg look like the odd-ball. I think they are kinda cute. I hope others will agree with that.

I think I'm getting the hang of this picture thing! :)


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