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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Let it snow! (and day two progress pic)

Well, its here -- the snow storm that has been making almost as much news around here as the Olympics. I'm thinking we won't be venturing out to church this morning. Perhaps tonight.

While I hate to miss church, this will give me more time on the sweater today. Yesterday was very productive! I finished the first set of 24 rounds, and am almost halfway through the second set. Here's the pic: This is the first ball of yarn. Today I start with the second ball.

In other news, I totally forgot to update here on the pants for the custom order! The yarn arrived in Thursday's mail, and I finished the pants (except for kitchener stitching) shortly after midnight. Did the kitchener on Friday morning, and they are now washed, lanolized, and dry -- ready to ship out tomorrow. Pic:

That's it for now! Back to knitting...


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