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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Progress check...

Just a quick post to let you see progress. This picture is from this morning.

That is the back of the sweater. I have finished the back and am now working on the right front. I had gotten maybe two inches in, but decided to frog and redo -- the pattern says to decrease (SSK) at the beginning of the center front every six rows -- well, I was doing it right at the edge, and didn't like the sloppy edge that left, so I'm knitting one THEN doing the SSK , so the decrease isn't right at the edge. I had thought about doing that initially, but silly me thought that it would be less noticeable right on the edge. Thankfully, I didn't wait until I was half done with the front before deciding to go back and frog.

I should be grateful -- this is the first time I've had to frog on this project. That is pretty good...


Blogger Sarah said...

I am so impressed with your progress on this sweater! I can't wait to see the finished pics!

11:05 AM  
Blogger Meri said...

wow! Thank you! I didn't think anyone was reading this! You are motivating me to update the pictures! :)

4:18 PM  

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