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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

so much has happened...

....since I last posted an entry in here! Wow -- I can't believe its been so long...

Well, remember that goal of starting a business in the next two years? Check that one off the list! is now open for business! I'm so thrilled to be in this with Kristin, and I'm excited to be able to continue knitting without hoarding all the lovely things for myself!! ha ha

We opened the store on October 31st, and I had a sale that very day! Granted, it was a friend, but a sale nonetheless! Sold a custom cabled cap -- knit it up in two days and sent it off. My friend seems very happy with it! Can't wait to see pics of her son wearing it. Our instock has been just sitting there, though. That can get depressing, but I can understand. I guess most people like things knit to their specifications. Who wouldn't? Its not THAT big of a deal, I guess. If they don't sell, I can either auction them, or gift the smalls and keep the mediums for DD and large for DS. The store has been getting traffic, but no buyers. But, thats how things have to start, right?

I did offer a semi-custom slot with some yummy Carmel Apple 2ply Targhee yarn --- and that was snatched up in less than a day. I was soooo excited! My first sale to someone who isn't a close friend! (I always worry that friends buy just cuz they are friends, you know?) I'm making good time on the semi-custom. Medium picky pants and a matching cabled cap. I just have to do the second cuff on the pants, and then insert the elastic in the waist and weave in my ends. The cap should take no more than two days to do (less, if the children cooperate with me). So, I'm WAY ahead of schedule.

I do have a custom order list going already, which is great... still waiting on the yarn to arrive for those, though. I'll be making large or toddler picky pants for one customer out of some yummy organic NZ merino, and then two pairs of large longies for another customer out of BFL from Nada. Those will keep me quite busy, I'm sure, since they are larger sizes. But, I'm hoping to be able to open a few more semi-custom slots in the store, too. I just got some very nice yarn from Mosaic Moon, and I have more coming from Little Turtle Knits and Beemer Knits.

Needless to say, I'm excited!

Oh, and all those Christmas mocs? Well, I've finished one pair -- I think those will be down-time projects!! ha ha Of course, I have yarn coming this week for pants/sweaters for my kids, too... so maybe I'll finish a few of the mocs and then do the rest for next year.