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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

One of my favorite things about knitting...

I'm sure every knitter has things that are favorites, and things that aren't-so-favorite. In my last post, I mentioned that I love knitting picky pants, and it is very true! It is one of those patterns that I enjoy making over and over again. But there are parts I'm not so crazy about: the waistband, and the finishing. The waistband is easy to get past -- I cast on, and then push myself through until its done, knowing that after I finish the waistband, I get to enjoy knitting in the round and watching the colors pattern as they will. The finishing is another battle. I've been known to have three or four pairs of pants or shorts just sitting here -- finished, except for the finishing. Kitchener stitch and weaving the ends. Neither of them are difficult. But its not really knitting to me. It is sewing. And as much as I enjoy having a finished project, the finishing is a roadblock nearly every time.

But that isn't what this blog entry is about. One of my very favorite things about knitting is....

...stashing. I love yarn. I love the colors. I love the textures. I love sock yarn, lace yarn, dk, sport, aran... solids, handpainted variegated.... I love yarn!!! As evidenced by my extensive and ever-growing collection. Trying new yarns in and of itself is a hobby (some would call it an addiction, but I am totally in control of my yarn habit).
We won't get into the fact that I probably have more yarn than I can knit in several years. I probably have enough sock yarn to knit for my entire block (okay, probably not that much, but I could totally knit for immediate family for birthdays AND Christmas this year without having to buy another skein). That is not taking into account the worsted weights I have around for business and personal knitting (my daughter has been begging for a pair of pants for a month now). And the cotton -- I don't go through that as much, but I do have a decent stash of it. May not have the time to knit it all up right now (babies and toddlers tend to need a lot of time), but when the time becomes available, I'm ready with yarn, needles, and patterns in line!
The rainbow of colors present in my stash is a source of never-ending enjoyment and comfort to me. A bad day? Pull out some wonderful wool yarn. Pet it; squish it; rub it against my face; smell it -- the day is instantly better. A horribly bad day can be brightened in a second by the mailman bringing a package of new yarn. Purchased or traded for - it doesn't matter. It is yarn. It is new. It is a little bit of heaven on earth.

What is your favorite thing about knitting?