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Monday, August 29, 2005

I'm buried in Peace Fleece!!!

First off, I can't believe how fast that order came in!! Placed the wholesale order on Monday night, and it arrived on Wednesday! Talk about super fast shipping! DH and I worked on winding some of it last night -- that was an adventure. Just when he finished helping me out of a knotted mess (avoiding some frustrated words), he got into one himself. ha ha But, we got two skeins wound -- enough to start a pair of LTK felted mocs. Everyone in the family is getting those for Christmas this year, and I need to be sure that I get them done.... Its probably not good to have so many projects in the works, but I do.

1) Scarf (Christmas present) residing in the car for knitting while riding.
2) Mocs (Christmas present) - started an adult men's pair last night.
3) Longies (LTK - for my son) - I'm stalling on this one -- have to kitchener the crotch and then start the legs, but I'm nervous about the double pointed needles.
4) Baby Gnome (baby gift) - using some leftover yarn from my kids longies for this... Love how its knitting up, but I'm trying to focus on the mocs right now -- at least this one pair.

Its hard to keep up!! I've got a ton of friends having babies, and I'm trying to knit for all of them -- gnomes for the girls and woolie balls for the boys and older siblings... ugh... Good thing those knit up fast -- I can make a wool ball in an hour, if I can sit and do it without interruption.

Plus, I have yarn here waiting to be knit into LTK halter tops for my daughter and me, an off-the-shoulder sweater for SIL (maybe), LTK apron tops for my daughter -- and I'd like to use some leftover yarn for doll shirts and soakers, too. Not to mention the flirty-skirty, the picky pants, and other LKT patterns I'm planning to make. Oh, and I bought that Paton's Merino for the Aubrey Doodlepants patterns... UGH!!! Too much running through this new knitterly mind!!!

Must take a break from this for my show!! :)

Monday, August 08, 2005

plans in progress

Well, I've got a game plan... sort of...

My goal is to become a WAHM within the next year and a half. I'd like to go into business with my friend K -- knitting diapering items. I've already got the patterns from LTK and I finished my first soaker on Saturday -- of course, the rise was WAY too big, so I took a picture and then frogged the project. But, I restarted it yesterday and have the waistband done, and probably just over an inch beyond that. I'm making a large instead of a toddler size this time...

I'd like to have made at least one of each of the LTK diapering patterns by the end of the year, and have samples ready to send in to T no later than next spring. I'll be talking more with T when she gets back from vacation. In the meantime, I'm knitting and planning and knitting some more...

I've got three projects in the works right now -- two are in the final seaming stages, and then there's the soaker that I restarted yesterday. I've got six more projects planned out on paper -- all the supplies for those projects are purchased and either here, or will be here this week...

I'd really love some nice bamboo needles -- but those will have to be "someday" -- hopefully someday soon... The aluminum needles are fine for now, and I do have that one set of birch needles that I absolutely adore...

DH is completely supportive of my possible knitting business. He was very impressed with that soaker I made (even though it had to be frogged)... And truth be told, I did better on that one than I'm doing on the one I'm doing now... I've got a couple little mistakes that I just didn't feel like stopping to rip out and fix -- they aren't bad mistakes -- I covered them. But, this soaker will definitely NOT be a sample -- I just want to have it done so that DS can use it... The yarn coming for DD's soaker should arrive within the next couple days, and I'm on a timeline for THAT project...

Its funny -- I've dabbled in so many things... I really want to work from home doing something I enjoy... I'm taking a writing class, and a medical claims and billing class -- both of which I've invested hundreds of dollars in... and I do still want to finish them -- I really think that I *could* get a part-time (maybe one or two mornings a week?) job with the medical claims/billing, I could write at my leisure (hopefully making a little bit of money...), and still spend most of my time at home with my kids -- and knitting during naps and evenings and when the kids are playing nicely... Knitting is just so fun for me, right now -- its relaxing. It would be so nice to be able to do it all, but seriously, if I had to pick one, I'd pick the knitting...

I have a bachelor's in Elementary Education -- I'm trained to teach -- and I'm a good teacher! But, I'd prefer to knit... Does that make me looney?

Friday, August 05, 2005

starting out

Well, I've seen a lot of people with blogs now, and deciding to try it for myself... the kids are actually napping at the same time, which is rare -- gives me some quiet moments... thinking about knitting -- I'm finding it to be a good pasttime. I enjoy doing it and really hope that it will work out to make a business of it... Guess we'll see, huh?