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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

socks, socks, socks...

...Okay, so they aren't sock yet, but check this out!

That is ALL sock yarn -- I'm a little obsessed I guess. And I just barely started knitting my first sock yesterday! But more on that in a minute. Back to the lovely yarn. I kinda felt guilty about putting some of those yarns in the same picture -- that solid Knit Picks stuff just isn't on the same level as the gorgeous Lorna's Laces or the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. But, that's what I have here, so it all had to be in the picture. I've got more coming, too... I had to order a skein of Socks That Rock to see what everyone loves so much about it. And I've got some custom dyed Henry's Attic Kona on its way to me as well.

And the sock books? hee hee Well, been collecting those, too. I'm making the "Little Guys" sock out of Knit Socks! right now. Its in Dalegarn Baby Ull in a nice navy color -- for my two-year-old son. I started it yesterday morning at the WEBS drop-in and this is how far I've gotten:

Those are size 2 bamboo dpn's from WEBS -- it was the only size they had that was close to what I needed, and since I'm a tight knitter, it didn't matter that they are a size bigger than the pattern calls for. Anyways, its also the thinnest yarn I've ever knit with. I'm really proud of my progress! I've been dealing with a sick baby girl who doesn't want mommy to do anything but hold her, so getting that far on my very first sock in 24 hours is impressive to me. I just hope it fits him!

Last picture for today is of my Colinette Giotto yarn for the Waterlillies pattern from the Spring IK. I couldn't find the Monet colorway, so I got this instead:

Its "Rose Garden" and I love it. Can't wait to have time to try this pattern out!

As for the Olympic Sweater, still not done, but I did get a few rows knit on it the other day. Emma's flirty is getting close to done -- working the undersoaker short rows now. And still working on mocs for store orders...

Thats it for me today! Back to reality now -- guzzling coffee, pretending that I actually DID get to sleep some last night, and trying everything I can to calm a cranky, clingy baby...

Monday, March 20, 2006

Poor sick kids!

Yup, our house has been hit with a virus. First to be attacked was my son -- poor little guy was sick as a dog for a couple days last week. When he got better by the end of the weekend, and the baby was still healthy, I thought for sure we were in the clear...

... think again. She is now sick. Not as bad as her brother was, but bad enough. Poor little girl.

Needless to say, with the sickness has come lots of cuddling and shushing and rocking, and running at every cry, and laundry... oh, the laundry... it was neverending before -- and its 100 times worse now.

So, knitting has taken back seat this week. I did manage to knit up a few pairs of mocs for a trade, and I've got another order almost done. But thats about it. And there has been no time for pictures...

My mom is giving me a much needed break tomorrow, though! After tending to sick children for a week, my mom is babysitting while I go to a knitting drop-in at WEBS. I'm so excited! I've got my "Knit Socks" book all ready -- I went through and put sticky notes on the pages that I'm considering trying, with the prices of the yarn from WEBS. Love their website search engine. ha ha I think I'll probably end up doing the toddler socks -- the second pattern in the book. It calls for Dalegarn yarn, which I *think* is the same thing as Dale of Norway? It looks to be the same weight and yardage. So, that's the plan. I can't wait...

Monday, March 13, 2006

My Baby is One

Yes, my little girl turned one year old today. Its hard to believe its been a whole year. Wow! She's growing up so fast. Every day she is doing new things. She's VERY close to walking -- she pushes chairs around to get around right now... but soon she'll be off and running without assistance! Then the fun will really begin.

My parents and sister are out of town, so we are not having a party tonight. We are thinking probably on Friday. So, I've got a few more days to finish up her birthday gifts. I promised pictures, so here they are!!

First up, we have a shirt/shorts set. The shirt was painted by Cheryl of Soft and Cozy. The shorts were knit by me using 2ply Targhee wool dyed by Kimberly at Beemer Knits in her "Peppermint Chocolate Chip" colorway. I LOVE it! The shorts still need a drawstring and the finishing needlework. The knit bear was made by Karen of Kool Sheep Soakers. Super cute!

Next, there is another shirt, this time with a flirty skirty! Cheryl did this shirt as well, and the yarn for the skirty is by Kimberly again, too! Its her "Mint Rainbows" on 3ply Blackberry Ridge Merino. I'm only done with the skirty portion of this -- still have to do the undersoaker. The cute little doll is a Bendie Boo made by Stell of Fern and Faerie.
Last up is Emma's birthday blanket. Amy Butler fabrics with a pink satin binding. I still have to do the quilting on this, but will be getting help from my friend Amy of Angelwraps with that on Thursday.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Did I finish?

Sadly, I did not. I gave it my all, but I did not finish my Olympic sweater. Apparently, my children saw the Olympics as a perfect time to become the two most needy young'uns in the state. They both have been cutting new teeth. My youngest has become a nursing fiend, nursing anywhere from 3-5 times in the 6 hour period of time that I call "night." So, with sleep constantly interrupted, and next to NO knitting time during the day, my sweater suffered the consequences.

I am close, though. I have a couple more inches of stockinette to do on the second sleeve. Then I have to wash and block, and seam. The final part after that is the cabled neckband. I do plan to finish. Not sure when, though.

I'm overwhelmed with store orders right now. Several trades that I have to finish my end of, as well as several orders. And my daughter turns one in a week and a half -- so I have several things that I want to make for her before her party (which will be after her birthday, fortunately). I did the basic construction of her birthday blanket. I would LOVE to knit her a Swing Thing (pattern by Theresa of Little Turtle Knits that was featured in MagKnits in January), as well as a couple pairs of shorts or capris to go with two shirts I had made for her.

BUT -- time is running out. And I'm having gauge issues with some of these store orders. When it takes a half a week to complete the knitting of ONE felted moc, and the gauge STILL isn't right... well, things can get hairy. And unfortunately, personal knitting (i.e. first birthday presents) must be put on hold. *sigh* It comes with the territory, though. And thankfully, Emma is turning one, not ten, and she will not remember if I had her things done ON her birthday or a bit later. Right? (please, tell me she won't remember. I'm already beating myself up enough...)

Will post pics in my next entry -- hopefully LOTS of pictures of LOTS of FO.