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Monday, September 29, 2008

I've been Tagged!

Bonnie tagged me. :) So here goes!

7 Things Meme:
The rules:
1. Post the rules on your blog.
2. Write 7 random things about yourself.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post.
4. Pass on the tag.

hm.... well....

1. I love to spin. LOVE to spin. If my wrists would allow, I'd spin all day - of course, that would require having a maid to keep up the house, a nanny to keep up the kids, and another knitter to keep up with my knitting orders. Since I have none of those, I do not spin all day. In fact, I don't spin nearly as much as I'd like these days - since little boy isn't going to sleep very early these nights.

2. I love crockpot chicken soup. My mom would call it cheater soup. It really is, but I love it. See, I'm a rather picky eater. Mostly, its texture issues, but I cannot stand veggies in my chicken soup. I like chicken, broth, and noodles. Yep - boring. But since I'm the cook in this house, I make it how I like it. And it couldn't be easier. Step 1 - buy rotisserie chicken from the grocery store. Step 2 - eat some of the chicken for lunch. Step 3 - put whatever we don't eat (still on the bird - bones and all) into the crockpot and fill with water to almost cover the bird. Step 4 - turn on high and let sit for a couple hours. Step 5 - take out the bird carefully - being sure to get all the bones that may have come loose (those wings like to fall off). Step 6 - "pick" chicken off the bird, and throw back in the crockpot with the broth. Step 7 - add onion powder, garlic powder, celery flakes (so that my Mom will at least agree that there is some green in the soup), salt, and pepper. Put cover back on and let it all meld for a bit. Step 8 - cook noodles - I like small noodles - can't remember the name for them now, but they are kinda like elbows, except only like 1/4 inch long and don't curve. I keep the noodles separate from the soup - just put the noodles in my bowl, then add the broth/chicken. This way, the noodles don't get all mushy (texture thing, remember). Step 9 - enjoy! At the end of the day, put the crockpot bowl in the fridge. Next morning, pull it out, put it back on the heat, and reheat... we get two days of soup out of it (I don't like to reheat it more than the one time - just makes me nervous).

3. I'm a teacher, and love it. Well, I WAS a teacher, before kids. I'm slowly getting back into it. I've started substituting a bit for our Christian school this past year - love it. Last week, I taught 3rd/4th grade one day, and High School the next day. I was actually kinda surprised at how un-different the grades were. The biggest reminder both classes received was to STOP TALKING!

4. I'm the choir director and pianist at our church. I love both ministries. This Sunday was like Christmas for choir - we got two boxes of new music in the mail. FUN!!! I spent Sunday afternoon listening through the cd with the new music, and was so excited to get to choir practice and share it with everyone.

5. I'm a fiber-a-holic. Admitting it is the first step, right? I used to think it was just yarn. And then I started spinning. Oh. my. word. There is soooo much pretty fiber out there - and did you know that handpainted fiber is often cheaper than handpainted yarn? uh-huh! danger! danger! I probably have enough yarn and fiber in this house to sufficiently insulate for the winter - except that it is all in protective Rubbermaid containers (okay, that's not true - I have a couple Sterillite containers as well - have to be unbiased).

6. I'm positively desperate for my baby boy to start saying "mommy." He says "daddy" very well. He calls EVERYONE Daddy. But no amount of coaxing gets a "mommy" out of him. However, he makes up for it in cuddles - and I do so love my boy's cuddles. He is totally what keeps me from going back to teaching fulltime right now. I'm enjoying being home with him, and don't want to miss out on his toddler-hood.

7. I'm totally in love with chocolate and coffee... not necessarily together. I am totally craving a Pumpkin Spice latte right this second, though a chocolate milk will probably have to suffice. I'd spring for a Peppermint Chocolate Mini from Schwan's except... oh, yeah - my darling husband ATE THEM ALL!! I'll give him some credit, I did get a few of them. But next time I buy a special treat for me, drastic measures will ensue - either eat them all on the spot (could certainly use the weight, but not the bellyache that will no doubt accompany - nor the brainfreeze from so much ice cream), or hide them in the very back of the freezer (which does run the risk of forgetting they are there... but just think of the delightfully delicious surprise I'd have in six months when I clean out the freezer!).

So, who to tag now? Hm... how about...
Sharon, Theresa, Patti, Tif, Katie, Sarah, and Marnie.