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Sunday, March 08, 2009

I am NOT ready for spring.

It is beautiful here today - gorgeous. The sun is shining, the skies are blue, squirrels and birds are out and about, and it is warm enough to leave winter coats abandoned for light jackets. The only dampers on the loveliness of the day are the brown grass and dirty leftover snow piles.

Well, those and the fact that it is almost too warm to wear the two WOOL sweaters I knit for myself last month. (I say almost because I wore one today anyway - and am really, really warm).

Both sweaters are the same pattern - the February Lady Sweater. There is quite the epidemic of this sweater on Ravelry. The last I checked, there were over 4500 projects for this pattern on Rav. That's a whole lot of sweaters! But it is a beautiful sweater - and surprisingly easy to knit. (which is good, because I have several more to make - for family and friends!)

My first sweater took me 12 days to knit. The yarn is Serendipity worsted from ZenString in the "Mariana" colorway - and it was gifted to me by a wonderful friend. I loved knitting it - the colors are very much "me." Navy blue, hunter green (hey, those were my wedding colors!), and a couple other shades. I found beautiful Celtic Knot pewter buttons to close the sweater, and I couldn't be happier. (well, I'd be a little happier with a better picture of it, but that is no fault of the sweater's!)

The second sweater took a bit longer, but I finished knitting it exactly 4 weeks after I started the first sweater - not bad! It is knit from some lovely gray cormo yarn. Now, this yarn is special in its own right. It originally came to me as fleece. About 1.5lbs of cormo fleece (for those of you that don't know, cormo is a corriedale/merino cross, and it is simply heavenly). I then sent it to the Fibers 4 Ewe mill to be processed and spun. The lovely 3ply yarn that came back to me was just a joy to work with. I completed this sweater with pewter clasps (I really hate knitting buttonholes).

As I mentioned, I've got several more sweaters to make from this same pattern - not to mention the other sweaters I want to make for myself in different patterns... It is most definitely the year of the sweater.