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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A day in the life of.... part 2

well, yesterday got busier than I expected... sorta... so I didn't end up finishing the blog!

I did reheat some coffee and leftover noodles for lunch - also started the bread while I was at it. Then, I signed in to my instant messaging service - my sister-in-law was on, and I spent a good part of the rest of the day messaging her. Of course, it was very interrupted... message a while, go punch down bread dough... message some more, get some more milk for the little girl... message a bit, check the forums, punch down bread dough... you kinda get the picture.

My sister came home briefly a bit before 2pm, then left again. Baby boy woke shortly after 2, and little girl fell asleep on the floor a few minutes before 3. Big boy got home from school a few minutes after three (I did remember to throw a pair of jeans on before I had to walk down to the bus!)... all this during the message and do other things period of time. Sadly, I didn't get any more knitting done.

By 5pm, it was obvious that my sister was taking longer visiting a friend than I had thought - a text message confirmed that she would likely NOT be home when she had said she would, and that threw a major wrench in my cooking plans. I did get one meal cooked and packaged for the freezer, as well as the bread baked. Also made a pan of brownies. by 5:30, I hadn't started our own dinner, the kids were all fighting and climbing all over me and each other, and SIL and I were still attempting to message a bit. Every two minutes, I had to get up and pull the little boy away from Daddy's computer. Hubby called and was forced to endure my narration about how things were going... the man is a saint for loving me in spite of my sometimes complaining nature.

Daddy got home a bit after six, and I called my friend at the hospital to see if she'd still like me to come visit. I had to make something for our dinner still, but she said that a visit would be good. She also said that the food would be much more needed next week, so it turned out okay that I hadn't finished as much as I'd planned. Cooked and then ate dinner with my hubby, then fixed my hair, grabbed the brownies and one loaf of bread, and headed to the hospital. Made it there a mere 15 minutes before visiting hours ended, and sat and visited with my friends...

I ended up staying at the hospital until nearly midnight to help my friend. Her fiance had to go home, and the baby is no longer a patient there, so she was going to be on her own overnight. I remember c-section recovery, and I couldn't stand to leave her with no help. She was more than happy to have me stay. I helped her a bit with pumping and maneuvering back to her bed, and then took the baby until his 11:30 feeding, and gave him the bottle that he needed at that time. Once he was fed and sleeping again, I headed home - just before midnight.

I got home exhausted, but found my children sleeping - which they did all night. What a blessing!! Finally collapsed into bed about quarter til 1, only to have a night of less-than-restful sleep that ended at 7, when my sis came up to get herself ready for work... yes, the coffee was ready when I got up... but a few more minutes of sleep would have been preferred to the noise of it being set up. another day...

Monday, February 25, 2008

A day in the life...

This post was suggested by Amy of Crankypants, and it really sounded like a fun idea. I'm sure it'll be eye-opening for myself even! (truth be told, I'm kinda nervous about being this open and accountable today!)

At about seven this morning, I started awake - it was bright outside and I had awoken from a dream where I was checking out domain names for something that I'd like to do someday, and I was afraid that we were going to miss the school bus. A glance at the clock did assure me that there was still nearly two hours before the bus would arrive, so I tried to close my eyes again for a few more minutes...

Only to be startled again within ten minutes at my daughter yelling in the hallway, "Where is everybody?" Poor kid looked like she must have had a bad dream or something. Her yelling awoke the big boy, though thankfully baby boy slept through it. I brought little girl (laden with her pillow and blankie) out to the couch, where she cuddled for a while longer. The boy asked to watch "music" (Animusic DVD's that grandpa bought us... haven't decided yet if they are a blessing or a curse), so I turned that on and sat down at the computer to check in with my online world. After about 45 minutes, I dragged myself away from the computer long enough to make some coffee.

8am, I called to DH (still in bed) and got my cup of coffee - checked a few more things online - there was an email from our church prayer chain about some friends that were in a car accident last night. Little boy woke up - he got his first haircut last night, and I still can't believe that a little trim could make him look so much less a baby and so much more a little boy. Found clothes for the big boy and started packing his backpack for school. After a week of vacation (preceeded by a snow day, and two sick days), I was ready for him to get back into his routine. I asked if he was going to school today, and he said, "Not yet - I reading!" He has been fixated on my Knit Socks! book for the last couple days.

While packing the backpack, I realized that we are extremely low on diapers - as in, we have eight diapers that have to make due for THREE kids today. Oiy - I NEED to get at least one of these children potty-learned. I have a feeling that the youngest will learn first at this rate. Anyways, wrote a quick note in big boy's notebook, and set the backpack by the door while Daddy got him dressed and ready.

Remembered that this is the week for YINIA one year anniversary stocking, and figure I should probably start knitting some new instock. I have some leftover yarn here from a Rushty! hat I made last week for a custom order, and should have just enough for another adult hat. But, before I start that, I needed to cast off another order that is just needs.... cast off. Why I put that off all weekend is still a mystery to me. I made quick work of that, and then cast on for the hat - though it took three tries. Made the tail too long first, then too short. Oiy. You'd think that after two and a half years of knitting, I'd be able to get it right the first time. I would have just let it go the first try, but I'm going to be cutting it close on this yarn, so I don't want to waste any.

By 9am, big boy is out the door on his school bus -- he happily handed me the knitting book before he left -- good thing! I need to compare some numbers for a pair of socks that I'm working on. Not particularly following a pattern - just doing number checks along the way in the hopes that these turn out somewhere near the right size. Back to the hat - made it through the short rows and color change before Daddy left for work -- then changed two more diapers... thankfully before any new wetspots were found on the couch (little girl can rival Niagara Falls most days!).

A bit after 10, I was off to the kitchen to start my chores. Emptied the dishwasher and started filling it before checking on the littles -- who were playing with Daddy's computer and the remote controls. Removed them from that situation by getting them each something to eat in the kitchen. Finished up the dishes, and got the counters cleaned off and the bathroom cleaned. Called my sister to see what her plans for the day are - she took the day off, so will likely show up at some point this afternoon. The littles decided that mommy on the phone means they need to squeal nice and loud. Got off the phone and put little boy down for his nap while Little Miss played some more.

Remembered that I'm planning to do some cooking and baking today for a friend who just had a c-section last week. She is supposed to be discharged tonight, so I need to get the food ready for her fridge/freezer. Called her up and found that she may not be discharged afterall as she has come down with something and is on IV now. Hoping to still do the cooking and visit her this evening, so her fiance can bring the food up to their house.

Mail came while I was on the phone with her - bringing the "lost" netflix movie that was SUPPOSED to show up while my oldest was on school break last week. So, little girl is watching "Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie" as I type this.

Managed to get the hat knit up to the first set of decreases, as well as get this morning "entry" done... now we're off to the kitchen to start cooking/baking. Its not a typical "day in the life of Meri" but its definitely a busy one!!!

drat... I never got my second cup off coffee... guess it'll be reheated coffee and leftover noodles and sauce for lunch...