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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


...just what, 3-4 days now until the Olympics! WOW!!! I'm getting nervous about the sweater, but I shouldn't. Its for me and I'm going to love doing it. I have wonderful Addi Turbo needles to use, and my Knit Picks Elegance is all wound and ready.

In the meantime, I'm working on a LionBrand hooded sweater using Homespun -- which I think could contend to be the worst yarn in the world. It splits. While soft, it just feels "ick" after knitting with lovely wool for months. However, the color is pretty (its the Rococco, so a lovely neutral beige). I can't wait to be done with it, but I'm having a hard time making myself work on it. Did finish the back yesterday and start the front. MUST try to finish the front today and at least start one of the sleeves...

I have a custom order that I have to do as soon as the yarn comes in. We've been having trouble with the yarn -- the dye jobs just haven't been what the customer wanted. So we finally found something that will (hopefully) be perfect. It was dyed last weekend, and shipped to me Priority Mail from Washington yesterday... I'm thinking it'll arrive Thursday (though I suppose tomorrow is a possibility). Then I have to stop everything and MAKE THOSE PANTS!!! I may even have to stay up all night to do it... But I HAVE to get them done before 2pm on Friday. That is of the utmost importance. They can be washing or lanolizing after 2pm, that's fine. But all knitting and grafting and weaving MUST be done so that I can start the sweater on time...

I've got some great plans for sets in the future. Would you like a sneak peak??? Well, I really don't think many people read this blog, so I'll go ahead and post the pictures, because I love looking at them. LOL The pictures aren't great, because I took them at night and the lighting wasn't very good, but I'm so excited about them. If you like what you see, you'll just have to stalk my store sometime this spring/summer. *wink wink*

That one is Amy Butler fabrics and Mosaic Moon Yarn in "Chai Latte."

More Amy Butler (her temple flowers line) with some natural Maine Organic yarn.

Amy Butler and BFL from Wooly Wonders by Nada in "Coffee with Extra Cream."

Not Amy Butler, but isn't he cute? Finished that sweater this weekend. (It really does have buttons on it now, but I was too excited and wanted to try it on him). The yarn is LTK superfine merino in "Rudolph" from her Christmas Collection, with a solid red stripe towards the botton in the front. Excuse the dirty face, please -- he has a cold.


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